Gamer in the Sammy Cup
Truck Info
Cups Sammy Cup, Whalee Cup, D&B Tracknesses
Category Category 3
Racing Team Dave and Busters
Truck attributes
Engine Chizzy Whizzy XC4000
Driver Dave Smith
 Gamer is a Category 3 truck created in 2012. It competes in the Pelican Auto Parts Monster Truck Cup , Sammy Cup , and Dave and Busters Tracknesses . Gamer is owned by Dave and Busters , along with the ChizPower and Flaggers . Gamer is usually considered better than ChizPower and Spinners, with a Cortax MotorCorps Ultra+ motor rather than a Chizzy Whizzy or a Cortax.

Sammy CupEdit

In the Sammy Cup, Gamer has been reduced from a Cat. 5 (2012) to a Cat. 3 (2013). Lovingly known as "Dave," Gamer's 2012 run was amazing in the Sammy Cup, knocking off competitors such as Lord of the Rings , Arkor-Kolas , and Captain Sparklez . With a new driver (Dave Davingston) in 2013 Gamer was reduced to the Cat. 3 he is today.

Monster Truck Cup and Dave and Busters TracknessesEdit

In the Monster Truck Cup and the D&B tracknesses, Gamer is a Cat.3. His main rival is Pure Awesomeness in the Monster Truck Cup. In the D&B, Gamer was the reason for the cup to be created and has a better engine than usual- a Mecha Prototype v1. Gamer competes against Lord of the Rings for the title as Champion.


1. Gamer's original name, "Dave" has only carried over to the Sammy cup.

2. Gamer's Mecha Prototype in the D&B Tracknesses is nearly as good as the Kaiju X1 motor.


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