Dunbar Crusher
Dunbar Crusher
Truck Info
Cups Brenker Cup, Cup of the Dot
Category Category 2
Racing Team Team Potty
Truck attributes
Engine Cortax EngineCorps X3200
Driver John Dithsmith
 Dunbar Crusher is a Category 2 truck from the Brenker Cup and the Cup of the Dot . He is owned by Team Potty, along with Gaa-Go and HinyWiper. Dunbar is generally considered the best truck in Team Potty, as he runs on better Cortax products than both Hiny and Gaa-Go. 

Brenker CupEdit

Dunbar and his Brenker Cup for Challenged Engines driver, John Dithsmith, won three Brenker Championships before retiring in 2008. Dithsmith and Dunbar are planning to return in 2014 as the best truck- the only Cat. 2 in the Brenker.

Cup of the DotEdit

Dunbar and Dithsmith competed in the Cup of the Dot for five years from 2008 to 2013. Dunbar was a relatively weak competitor and only won two races. With the Cup of the Dot's ending in 2013, Dithsmith was forced to return to the Brenker. Dithsmith currently wishes to enter Dunbar Crusher in the Monster Truck and Sammy cups .\


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