HinyWiper 2
HinyWiper in his 2013 design
Truck Info
Cups Sammy Cup, Pelican Auto Parts Monster Truck Cup, Brenker Cup, Three Islands
Category Category 1
Racing Team Team Potty
Truck attributes
Engine Cortax EngineCorps X2100
Driver Ilidan Baby
HinyWiper is a Category 1 truck created in 2011. He has won the Brenker Cup five years in a row against King of Pink and several others. Being a Category 1, he is known as one of the worst trucks and usually performs worse than King of Pink. HinyWiper belongs to Team Potty , along with Gaa-Go and Dunbar Crusher .

Sammy Cup and Brenker CupEdit

HinyWiper is a Category 2 truck in the Sammy Cup , both Long and Short . HinyWiper's driver is Poop Leafman and he has only won the 2013 Mawtown Trackness . In the Brenker Cup for Challenged Engines, HinyWiper is driven by James F. Monsterfeent. Monsterfeent has drove Hiny to victory five times, making Hiny a Cat. 5 truck in the Brenker.

Monster Truck Cup and Three Islands CupEdit

Hiny is a Category 1 truck in both the Pelican Auto Parts Monster Truck Cup  and the Three Islands. HinyWiper's driver is Ilidan Baby, who has not ever driven Hiny to victory. In the Three Islands, Hiny has finished 32nd (last) in every race for two years. Three years ago, he defeated Volcano in the Portico Trackness and Pony in the Akino Trackness .


1. HinyWiper, Blue Ridge Railway , and King of Pink are the only Category 1 trucks active in all cups.

2. HinyWiper and his driver (Baby) are secondary characters in the 2013 movie Blue Ridge, starring Blue Ridge Railway and Kandil Kaynes .


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