Sam the Pirate
Sam the Pirate
Sam the Pirate jumps in the Whalee Cup
Truck Info
Cups Pelican Auto Parts Monster Truck Cup, Sammy Cup, Three Islands Cup, Portico Tracknesses, Sam's World Cup, Cup of the Dot
Category Category 3
Racing Team Baby Army Racing Team
Truck attributes
Engine BabyPower 10
Driver King Samuel Garroway
 Sam the Pirate is a Category 3 truck created in early 2009. It competes in the Monster Truck Cup , Sammy Cup , Three Islands , Cup of the Dot , Portico Tracknesses , and the Sam's World Cup . The Pirate is driven by the famous and much-loved King Sammy , who founded Baby Army Racing Team to help him drive Sam the Pirate. Also in Baby Army are Drink Your Bottle , driven by Sam's cousin Toomas, Winner Gets All , driven by Sam's friend Kori Kaynes, and Blue Ridge Railway , driven by Sam's friend's cousin Inkling Aigaigy.

Sammy Cup and Sam's World CupEdit

In the Sammy Cup (naturally biased) Sam the Pirate is one of the best trucks- a Cat. 5. Sam the Pirate has won several major tracknesses each year- in 2013 he won the Furcornia Trackness and the Bush Trackness . The Pirate is still driven by Sam. The same goes for the Sam's World Cup.

Monster Truck Cup, Three Islands, and Portico TracknessesEdit

In the Monster Truck Cup, the Pirate usually does not win any of the three major tracknesses , however is a good competitor in regular racing. In the Pelican Auto Parts Freestyle, the Pirate is decent yet hesitant. In Three Islands, Sam the Pirate is one of the only Cat. 3s in the race and is usually beaten quite firmly. In the Portico Tracknesses, King Sammy competes against his sworn enemies Hippo Empire and Minion for the title.

Cup of the DotEdit

In the Cup of the Dot, Sam the Pirate is a very strong competitor entering in 2013. He has a new "Black Shadow" design, sticking with the Changing Designs tradition that Dunbar Crusher and King of Pink established.


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